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Welcome to Pacific Hospital Of Long Beach

Offering high quality medical care

Pacific Hospital of Long Beach is a full-service, for-profit, teaching hospital with 184 licensed acute care beds. We are fully accredited and have all the innovative technology that is expected of a medical center but with an important difference.

Our environment is small enough to assure patients of calm, homelike surroundings while providing a capable, professional staff. The result is a perfect blend of sensitivity and technology.

Our experienced, diverse, and compassionate staff of doctors, nurses, and medical specialists will help to make your stay a comforting experience

Pacific Hospital of Long Beach is proud to offer an outstanding Orthopedic and Spine surgery program. With leading surgeons of the field supported by experienced nursing and ancillary professionals, we continue to be one of the top choices for spine surgeries in Los Angeles County.

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We Are Proud to Announce Our New Electronic Medical Records System

Pacific Hospital of Long Beach has made the journey from a predominantly paper based workflow to an electronic medical records system (EMR) with Cerner Corporation, the largest provider of electronic medical systems in the United States. Pacific Hospital selected Cerner to improve patient safety and quality of care.

Pacific Hospital of Long Beach is now better prepared to provide the technology and healthcare that is expected today and will be demanded in the future.

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Learn About Our Nationally Recognized Infection Control Success

Pacific Hospital of Long Beach has achieved outstanding results in its efforts to reduce hospital acquired infections. We are the hospital with the lowest incidence of MRSA and the hospital with the lowest incidence of Clostridium Difficile. We have reduced surgical wound infections by 90 percent, central line-associated bloodstream infections by 85 percent and ventilator-associated pneumonia by 85 percent.

This quality and safety initiative has earned us a U.S. Congressional Award, national media coverage, and various other accolades.

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Spine Center of Choice

We have an excellent Orthopedic and Spine Program. In addition to having among the lowest post-operative infection rates in the nation, the nursing teams at Pacific Hospital of Long Beach specialize in orthopedic and spine post-surgical care. Their long tenure with us enhances the quality and care that only serves to benefit our patients. Our emphasis on the latest technology is focused on providing the best possible support to our Spine Center of Choice.

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